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Spring Creek Farm proudly uses a No-till living soil system, meaning we have reused the same soil continuously for 13 years. We strongly emphasize using regenerative cultivation practices and focusing on soil health to get the most out of each harvest. Our plants are fed using JADAM Ultra Low-Cost Agriculture Techniques, in assistance with the local Sonoma County microbes, and an 18-inch mat of mycelium to biodigest organic matter into available nutrients for the plant.

Spring Creek Farm’s goal is to grow the cleanest organic medical cannabis possible with the most biologically diverse inputs to create the “tastiest medicine”. Powerful terpenes are expressed though our soil, truly showing the terroir of our region!


Silver OG


Silver OG – Great Sativa-Dominant hybrid. Provides both uplifting effects and relaxation. Very potent. Long-lasting effects. Greenhouse grown using only organic, regenerative farming practices.

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