Spring Creek Farm

Premium Greenhouse Flower

Located in the coastal redwood hills of Sonoma County, Spring Creek Farm is an award-winning, family-owned legacy farm. By fusing ancient holistic agricultural practices with modern scientific insights, Spring Creek cultivates regenerative, no-till cannabis that smokes and tastes extraordinary!

Zelig opens by describing the cleanliness of the local Spring Creek watershed, and how this clean water is expressed through our cannabis! Grown with local inputs from the property, and partnered with the cleanest water around fed from mountain headwaters in Sonoma County, Spring Creek Farm produces some of the cleanest cannabis you can get your hands on!

Awards & Certifications

  • 3rd Place Emerald Cup Winner in 2017 (Light Dep)
  • 3rd Place Weedcon Winner in 2019 (Light Dep)
  • Organnicann Best of Harvest Box 2018 and 2019
  • DEM Pure Certified

Values & Techniques

  • 18 years doing no-till light dep.
  • 15 years aged no-till living soil beds.
  • JADAM – Ancient Korean agricultural methodology focusing on utilizing IMO – indigenous micro organisms, native plants and materials.
  • Cultured Cannabis leaves are a complete and main plant food source – no bottled nutrients – ever.
  • Diverse native soil biology makes pest resistant plants – no pesticides – ever.
  • The unique soil and climate in which the cannabis is grown gives it it’s unique award winning flavor and aroma. Amazing Terroir = Amazing Cannabis.
  • One of the OG Legacy Living Soil brands in CA.

We practice JADAM methodology – A system based on 4,000 year old Korean agricultural systems that works with nature to allow for healthy plants, flower quality to increase, strong terpenes and diverse cannabinoids.

– Zelig Kronberg
Founder, Owner